Chelle Wallace


“I am an obsessional Still Life photographer. Through the lens of a camera I can create little squares of simplicity and beauty. These pockets of curated harmony let me pretend for a moment that I can keep a perfect house like my mum used to. With a sweep of my hand I push aside the bench clutter and arrange pretty things and lose myself for hours, following light around the house and casting my view solely on what I want to see. Everything else falls away and I’m magicked back to the serenity of my childhood when not a thing was ever out of place. Of course keeping a perfect house, and all that underpinned it, came at a great cost to my mother, and probably all mothers of her generation. I think I  glorify this more as an adult with a family, often struggling to keep on top of it all. Through Still Life I can make believe I’m a splendid homemaker, without any of the enduring stamina the women of my mother’s era drew upon in their service to family and home.


I am most grateful to have been selected in 2020 as an Olive Cotton finalist, a Head On semi finalist and named top 20 in the Australasian Emerging Art Photography awards.”