July 29, 2020

Collaboration Brings a Wealth of Artistic Styles

Love a collaboration of creatives and the abundance of amazingness it brings to the table! Let us explain the main search areas to help you find something that lights you up or speaks to you deeply or whatever your jam may be! That’s the beauty of a collective such as this.

We hope to make your browsing a pleasant experience on our platform and we know there are different types of customers. Those who have a space to fill with a desired look, shape and colour tones in mind and then there are those who just find things they love and fit them into their life! You can search by the artist, tones, location, print orientation, limited edition and new releases but we are here now to chat about our main styles.

There are some fairly obvious categories:

LANDSCAPE will be an option but is a wide category that will overlap with many below.

COASTAL depicts the ocean or coastal life that is loved by many.

RURAL for those looking for a little piece of country or wide open spaces.

URBAN photography and art documents the urban space (cities and towns) either quite true to form or creatively from wide landscapes to focusing attention on micro aspects if the environment.

ARCHECTURAL will appeal to lovers of buildings or creative captures depicting shape and form found in the build environment and you can see how some categories will cross over with other.

PORTRAIT will bring artistic representations of people, often with the face or expression predominant.

AUSTRALIANA brings our home to the forefront and will include anything iconically Australian. Whether that’s cultural, historical, natural or built. From the red centre to the Sydney Harbour or Bondi, to our wildlife and cultural heritage. It will be a celebration and an education.

MONOCHROME is a style that is often believed to interchange with Black and White, however monochromatic images can also be images of any single colour. So an image with red, pinks and maroon is also monochrome in style. You will certainly find many black and whites in here but there can be little surprises.

ABSTRACT art is more focused on the visual language of colour, shape, form or line to create mood rather than a realistic depiction of something. It does not need to have a story or attempt to visually represent anything real or in physical existence. There is a freedom for artist and this freedom is also with the viewer in their interpretations.

ILLUSTRATIVE is designed to tell a story. All fine art images just blow you away a little more when you see them printed professionally rather than viewing on a screen and maybe this is even more true for Illustrative images. Illustrative story telling is usually one foot in reality and one foot in fantasy, or at least that’s how one of our founding artists, Kris Anderson, explains it. Mostly real but not quite and the importance is on the message. Everything in the image must be in service to the story or message and you should always look a little further. He also comments that if you leave room to move, there is a better chance the viewer will interpret it in a way that is relevant to them, and they build rapport with the image. People see what they need to see.

We look forward to sharing all of these wonderful styles with you and also doing little blog posts that educate a wider audience on fine art. If you would love to see us write on any topic please get in touch!

Selena and Tristam

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