Stef Dunn

A digital operative with an analogue heart.

Photography is harder than it looks. And it is more important than it seems. A photograph provides a sense of perspective, reconnecting us with the timeless, simple and effortless essence of our world. There's magic in a still image that moves the senses and engages emotions.

Stef Dunn has three decades of experience crafting meaningful, honest imagery. Fusing modern technology with the timeless processes of landscape masters from ages past, Stef often takes a predominately film-based approach to capturing images, processing his own large format transparency film then applying modern digital scanning and post-processing methods to create huge, breathtaking prints. Through a photographic language of detail and scale, he quietly challenges us all to respect the natural world and our place in it.

He has a passion for activist photography and for Indigenous Australian culture. His recent digital work is a celebration of First Nation’s People’s relationship with landscape, story-telling and ceremony. Stef is an unapologetically Australian photographer whose images speak to the vast geological and cultural history of our continent.

Stef is a Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. He holds international awards for his stunning Landscape imagery, and has exhibited work in both solo and collaborative exhibitions.

Stef is one of the four founding artists of The Creative Mix. 

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