Our Story


The Creative Mix is a collective of Photographers and Artists in the one online space, with a focus on providing premium fine art prints.

Our aim is that this collaboration provides both the convenience of a single online store for those looking for high end printed artworks, but also a community for fine art creatives to join with the aim of enhancing their audience reach and sustaining their art creation.


Founders, Tristam and Selena Evison, have made a career from the photographic industry via the photography and printing brands that form their business - EV Collective.

Born from a love of art and love of community, the Creative Mix platform is a passion project and a means to give back – sharing 30 years of creating, printing and selling art.

Tristam and Selena have always worked, educated, created and supported community on the beautiful Tweed Coast, Australia where they call home with daughters Zara and Tahlia. While already printing for many photographers Australia-wide, this project aims to widen their community and support even more artists in their creative pursuits.


Tristam and Selena teamed up with three amazing professional creatives throughout the development of this platform and their involvement has been invaluable. Kris Anderson, Matt Barwick and Stef Dunn are exceptional photographers who fall in line with our mission to produce a high-end product, valuing fine art printing and they form our forever team of founding artists.

Building this project to create a simple brand that allows the variety of art to shine, provides a positive customer experience and that has clear systems and procedures for the behind the scenes working with artists has all been possible through many hours of their involvement and input.

Not only have they been integral in creating a functional collaborative space, you will find a mix of their work throughout the site on content pages and the graphic links. 


The Creative Mix is a growing space with an aim to collaborate with many fine art creatives and build a community that supports each other. New artists will be passionate about their work and the importance of quality in their creative genre, high end printing and respecting the sustainability of our industry. If you are an artist and would like to find out more information and the requirements of becoming part of the mix, please get in touch on our contact page or email hello@thecreativemix.co