November 10, 2020


What an amazing launch on October 1st– The Creative Mix Co went live and it was such a great feeling to have it out there in its first stage. Six weeks in and so many beautiful prints have found homes.

We have lots to learn to keep adding to the site but so far our customer experience has had positive feedback and sales have navigated through the store well. That’s what we want – happy clients finding what they need and receiving their prints to enjoy.

We hope to have shopping from Instagram and Facebook posts added soon so you can click right through to the image you love.

Site visits have been from far and wide and our target for launch day was far surpassed.  Thank you to everyone who shared our site on socials. Not everyone will be ready to buy a print right at this moment but sharing introduces us and brings us to mind when ready.

Our winner off the $100 voucher was announced from our "Join our Mailing List" giveaway. Not already joined?  Then click HERE and scroll to the subscribe bar. There are loads of great things happening in November and being on the mailing list will get you notified.


Here are the first images that sold for the launch.

 "Ace"  Kris Anderson 

"Fern Pool"  Stef Dunn 

"The Quaraing" Stef Dunn 

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